2or3 D Pascalloid Canvas 4.8 Screenshots

Welcome! This program is designed to explore 2D / 3D Pascal's Triangle Structures (Pascalloids), to display color bitmap images representing their numbers, and to display fascinating animations through gradual adjustment of some parameter. The shapes given at the top of the input screen are for powerful computers; beware that very large N values will be impossible. Output may now be copied to memory as tab-delineated numbers to be pasted into a spreadsheet. Arrow keys on the keyboard are now enabled for incremental parameter adjustments.

A help file is available, and help is also now built-in to the program. This program is for anyone age 12 and up. The animations in particular should be slowed down for anyone who is prone to seizures. Many will find the animations at a “frame wait” of zero to be overly stimulating. Though these animations can be graphically intense, the “frame wait” at about 10 or 15 brings it to the frame rate of a slide-show.

This program was written in Flash, optimized, processed with SWFSLI.EXE, then the Vertican Moon API from Flash Cargo allows a “Final Compile” for our usage. The processing timeout is set at 3 minutes. Some animations may take a long of time to generate.

The usage of Horizontal Addition is applied in this program, now with a variable whole-numbered radix or base. Horizontal addition can be performed in any base or counting system, thus with any change of this radix, a correlated change in output occurs.

Horizontal Addition leads to an optimization of the computation, which I have taken advantage of and explain about more in the help file.

Normally, converting to an altered-base number system is limited within the function to a maximum of base 36. In this program, a custom function is contained which instead allows any base radix value, well beyond 36-base, to be applied as the Radix of the Horizontal Additions. This allows for more freedom in what animations may be generated.

No way to export an image or animation exists thus far (except for screen-print from the browser using the .swf). To capture a still-frame, take a screenshot. To capture animation, use a screen animation capture program such as Quicktime, on a mac. Cropping is the only way to isolate just the graphic in your final screenshots or movie.

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New: 2 or 3 D Pascalloid Canvas 4.8 for Browser

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New: 2 or 3 D Pascalloid Canvas 4.8 for Win/PC

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New: 2 or 3 D Pascalloid Canvas 4.8 for any platform (.swf)

If you use Linux, Sun, or another platform, you may be able to find the Gnash player. Let me know if it works Try the archive of flash players kindly provided by Adobe... Version 8 or higher players should work. If you can find the right player, it might work even better.